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Excellent Windows and Service

I recently replaced 21 windows using Castle Windows. They also completed the installation and I was impressed with the price and windows. Before I placed my order I sat with the salesman who went through the normal pitch and after some haggling we came to an agreed price. The only problem encountered was that I wanted new windows and wasn’t keen on using the existing sashes and sheet rock. This is where the salesman fell short because he didn’t explain that this would fall into a different category and be seen as replacements, costing more money than originally agreed upon. Eventually we compromised on price and were both happy to go ahead with the deal.

Installation wasn’t a quick process because they weren’t using the existing sheet rock or sashes. I had three installers in my home. They were very professional but weren’t diligent when marching through my home, which forced me to put down sheeting to keep the dirt off my new carpeting. Overall, I am thrilled with the service and windows we received, they are excellent quality and the lifetime guarantee is a huge bonus.

Darren – Consumer – from 2013

Great Service

Received estimates from Window World and Castle – ended up getting nine single hung windows and three sliding doors installed by Castle. I only placed my order last month and they were all custom. I chose Castle because they were one of the companies that assured me they would have the installation completed within a month. They called a week before installation to arrange a date and time. We agreed the installers would arrive anytime from 7am to 9am and they were here at my home at 8am. I was a little shocked to find they had driven over two hours from PA.

They only sent out two installers – both were friendly and professional throughout the installation process. They did the entire job within six hours, including cleaning the area before they were finished. I was very happy with their service. Before they left, they took me around the property and let me check each window and door, they also showed me how they work before letting me sign off on the job. All I can say is my experience with Castle has been a good one from the speed and efficiency of the manufacturing process to the knowledge and professionalism of the installers. An excellent experience all round. Definitely recommend them over what I’ve heard about some of the Window World installations.

Steven – Consumer – from 2013

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Good Windows, Poor Service

I recently ordered some windows from Castle and while I am thrilled with the windows, I can’t say the same about their service. The arrangement was that the installers would arrive early in the morning so I could get half a day of work done. The problem is after sitting around waiting they only arrived after 11am. What amazed me is no one even bothered to call to tell me they were running late. After arriving late, they then removed siding on the front door to match colors without my permission. Overall the experience has been very poor, it’s a pity because I really like their windows. The entire process has taken two very long months after they arrived with the incorrect colors the first time, delaying the process by two weeks.

I phoned and complained to the management team at Castle who assured me they would compensate me for the inconvenience of not being able to work for a full day. Of course I haven’t received any compensation from them and when I email they seem to ignore my requests. I then called their customer services team and was advised that their installation manager had my requests and was working on it. I am not holding my breath, you would think for them to pick up the phone and give me an update wouldn’t be such a hassle.

Stacy – Consumer – from 2010

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Castle Pricing & Costs

Entry Level Pricing: $169 to $250 Installed

Mid Range Pricing:$250 to $325 Installed

High End Pricing: $325 to $450 Installed

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Castle Window Advice

My father was contacted recently by Castle offering him replacement windows. Because he is in the process of replacing his windows he wanted to find out more about this company. I have done some research which included going through their website filled with good reviews. Is there anyone that can offer some more information on this window company and whether it they are a good choice.

Justin - Consumer - from 2010

[Installer Response]
Castle Windows have flooded the market in the past few years, I have also seen them in a number of magazines. From what I understand they are a cheaper window and normally go after the $169 per window market. I live in the same area where they manufacture the Castle windows and yet there aren't many shops selling their product in the immediate area, which is a little troubling.

Adrian - Installer - from 2010

[Second Contractor Response]
I haven't dealt with Castle Windows before, but do see their truck on a regular basis which is driven by two young men. I see they are constantly advertising their windows in the newspapers and the prices range from $99 to $169. My customer called them and they would sell the cheaper window to them for some reason, so I can't say too much about them.

Brian - Installer - from 2010

[Third Contractor Response]
Castle is one of those companies where quantity is more important that quality. They are dedicated to how many windows they can sell and I believe they do fall short when it comes to the quality of the products they supply. They do make their own windows, which is a bonus in today's market and are considered one of the up and coming window money making operations in America. That being said, I haven't worked with the Castle window brand, so when it comes to service and quality I can't really judge them.

Dean - Installer - from 2010