Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews 2024

Read Sierra Pacific windows reviews from contractors and homeowners on the quality of their windows, their customer service and installation practices.

The Basics: SPW is located in Red Bluff, California, one of the only replacement window companies headquartered in the state. Anlin Windows is the other. They originally made wood windows, but like many in the industry, they have gotten into the vinyl window market, which accounts for nearly half of all windows sold in the United States each year.

Acquisition Of Hurd: A big part of the reason for this is that SPW bought up Hurd, which had wood clad, aluminum and vinyl series in the lineup. These same series are now sold under the name of Sierra Pacific. The Hurd acquisition was important was well because it gave the company a much larger dealer network from which to sell their products. Today SPW sells throughout the nation using these local window companies or dealers.

Are Sierra Pacific Windows Any Good? While they tend to make a good product, wood clad windows have always been problematic. There is a reason why they carry a 25 year warranty, while vinyl carries a lifetime warranty.

Company Rating: 7.0 out of 10

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Sierra Pacific Windows vs Andersen

Bill, how would compare SPWs to Andersen? I’m looking specifically at their wood windows, which we plan to replace next summer. Just try to get a feel for overall quality and that sort of thing.

Chuck – Homeowner – from 2024

[Site Editor Response]

Chuck, I would rate SPWs a 7 out of 10 on the overall quality of their wood clad windows. I would rate Andersen a 9 out of 10. The Andersen 400 series is the much preferred series over the 200 though. The SPWs all wood window is a nice looking window, I just wouldn’t necessarily put it in the fantastic range.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2024

Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews Take 1

Four years ago, we had 13 large casements (all aluminum clad) and 3 French doors from Sierra Pacific installed and I am pretty happy with how everything has turned out. There have been a couple of issues – 3 broken seals needed replacing over the four years and the aluminum cladding on the outside of one has begun to fade. We live in Boulder and the sun can be intense, however it seems like this happened pretty quikcly. There is also a latch that is tough to close. Other than those issues, we love the windows and get compliments on them – they were well priced, I think we paid about $15,000 for everything.

Claire – Homeowner – from 2021

Sierra Pacific Windows Complaints

Our house in Tahoe has SPC. While under warranty, we needed to replace five of them due to moisture between the panes. At first the company employees were very nice and easy to work with. My problem with them is that it took FIVE different visits and around 12 months for them to complete the repairs. Each time there was a problem. I was okay with it and worked with them to reschedule each time. The last time it was done, was winter. When the snow melted, I saw damage around the trim boards where the glass was replaced. They agreed that the damage could not have been weather or anything else.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. Considering how much money was spent on their windows and French doors in my entire house when it was built, I think they should have better customer service.

Madeline – Homeowner – from 2020

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Sierra Pacific Prices

Entry Level Vinyl: $650 installed

Mid Range Vinyl: $800 installed

High End Vinyl: $950 installed

Entry Level Wood Clad: $1250 installed

Mid Range Wood Clad: $1450 installed

High End Wood Clad: $1650 installed

Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews

I have SPW installed in my own home, put in about 2 years ago and they were built well; plumb, level and square. I’m just in the middle of installing a bunch of them and the first 20 something were exactly what I expected. And I credit that to my rep. Besides the lower cost, the rep was a big part of going with SP. She knows what she is doing, has solid new/remodel construction experience and was very thorough. We walked through the order 3 different times (no kidding and she drove to the job each time). She knows code so she was double checking me on safety glass, egress code and even gave me good ideas for retrofitting a couple of difficult existing units.

Mike – Homeowner – from 2020

Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews

We just installed the first Sierra Pacific windows and I don’t have anything bad to say about them; it’s been a really good experience so far. The last couple of houses we’ve installed Hurd, Marvin, and Jeld-Wen. The build quality on the Sierra Pacific is very good. The mulled units were all lined up nicely and the units, for the most part, were square. The homeowners decided to go with fir jambs, and the grain matching wasn’t even too bad. The sales rep knew his product well and was responsive. The margins on the doors were all consistent, not too big, which is an issue we’ve had with Hurd.

The hinges are non-adjustables (seems like most 8-0 doors come with adjustables), but that hasn’t been a big deal and I’m sure you could upgrade if you wanted to. When the truckload of units came, SPW sent 4 guys to help unload them and stock them around the house. They also have a door and window hardware service and they’ll set the screens at the end of the job (all included in the purchase.) They provide temp lockable hardware until you’re ready for final…a very nice feature. The pricing was also very good for custom doors. We couldn’t go with a true 8-0, they ended up being 92-1/4, and it was only a $100 upcharge. I can’t really speak to longevity, but this has been my experience with Sierra Pacific thus far.

Adam – Homeowner – from 2019

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Sierra Pacific In The Industry

They make a good window – SPW is a huge forest corporation that owns a huge chunk of California and is well capitalized, when many of the wood manufacturers were having rot problems with their cladding and most fought the lawsuits and made it too expensive for consumers to collect damages. Sierra Pacific quietly stepped up and not only replaced their defective windows, but paid to have them replaced, including sheetrocking and painting, all at no cost to the owner or contractor, while the likes of Weathershield, Pella, and Marvin (to name some of the bigger cases) were fighting every claim in court, blaming their preservative manufacturers.

Kyle – Contractor – from 2017

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