Himark Windows Reviews

Read HiMark windows reviews from homeowners, contractors and industry experts who have worked with the company and their quality vinyl window models in the past.

Himark Windows vs Okna

The HiMark DX800 and the EnviroStar 800 from Okna are the exact same window series. The difference between Himark and Okna windows is that HiMark sells their models through different distributors or dealers that adhere to best practices in their installation methods etc. It is very similar to what Simonton does – they have their Reflections Series and then their Prism Series, the Reflections 5500 line is basically the same thing as the Prism Platinum. More HiMark windows prices.

Mike – Contractor – from 2013

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HiMark vs Vista & Simonton

Himark makes one of the best vinyl windows on the market. I sell Himark (Okna) as well as Vista, but I don’t sell a ton of the Vista because even their high end model is still just a middle of the road vinyl window – not to say there isn’t a market for this, but most of my clients tend to go with the higher end vinyl or fiberglass window models (we also carry Marvin Infinity windows). While the top end Vista line the Panorama is comparable to say a Simonton 5300 Series, it really can’t touch the HiMark 400DX or 800DX lines.

Jerry – Installer – from 2013

HiMark vs Harvey

The Harvey Classic window and the Himark 800 are really not in the same league in terms of looks (and the 800 will run you $625 per opening while the Harvey might come in somewhere in the mid $400s per opening) or features. The Himark has a slimmer frame, a better handle and hardware, better construction and really high quality installation standards. For all these reasons, you will want to go with the Himark if it fits your budget. The Harvey Classic is not a bad window by any means, it just isn’t one of the best on the market like the 800.

Steve – Contractor – from 2012

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HiMark Thermal Industries

I always recommend my clients consider Soft-Lite, HiMark and Sunrise windows rather than Thermal Industries or Alside. I find both of these have poor performance numbers and not necessarily good reputations. Thermal Industries windows also have an ugly pocket sill, which I don’t think will complement any home. Holland – Installer – from 2012

HiMark vs Simonton

I carry both the Simonton 5500 and the Himark 800 in my store. The 5500 is a good window, but it has much less glass, while the 800 uses a nice looking slim frame with a great rail reinforcement. The HiMark also comes in the 400 Model, which lacks a bunch of the bells and whistels of the 800, but is still one of the best mid range vinyl windows in my opinion. The HiMark gets great Uvalue and air infiltration ratings, which should also be a big factor for many consumers.

Brad – Window Distributor – from 2011