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Find Gorell windows prices from past customers and homeowners. Explore a range of costs for many of their products. Find more information by visiting our page on Gorell Windows. Gorell is no longer in business — their assets were purchased back in 2014.

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Gorell Windows Prices From Past Customers

Gorell 5300 Series
9 DHs, 3 sliders, 1 Patio Door (argon fills, double pane, low-e)
Dimensions: Standard
Price: $10,000
Includes product and installation.
$10,000 installed from local contractor
Location: Kansas
Project bid from 2011.

5305 Series
2 Double Hung, 2 Sliders (triple lane, krypton/argon fills, low-e)
Dimensions: N/A
Price: $3,700
Included product and installation.
Location: St. Louis, MO.
Project completed in 2010.

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Gorell 5300
5 Double Hungs (with Armor Glass Plus)
Dimensions: 35″W x 53″H
Price: $3400
Included product and professional installation.
Location: N/A
Bid from 2010.

5300 Series (Triple Pane Energy Master)
22 DHs, 2 Half Rounds, 1 Slider, 1 Sliding Patio Door and 3 Picture Windows
Dimensions: Varied
Costs: $25,000
Pricing included installation.
Area: NJ
Bid price from 2010.

5300 Series
15 windows (triple pane, krypton fills, laminated armor glass)
Dimensions: N/A
Price: $10,575
Included local contractor installation.
Location: Ohio
Bid price from 2007.

5300 Impact Glass
Dimensions: Large – some with arched or rounded tops
Costs: $850 each
City: Jacksonville, Florida
Professional installation with American Windows.
Remodel was from 2007.

Gorell 5200 Series

5200 Series
8 Double Hungs, 1 Picture (64″W)
Dimensions: Standard sized DHs
Cost: $4090
Included professional installation.
Location: Chicago, Il.
Project completed in 2009.

Gorell 5100 Series Pricing

5100 Series
10 Double Hung with EcoMaster Glass
Price: $390 per window
City: Memphis, Tn.
Included professional Gorell installation.
Project completed in 2011.

5100 Series
10 DHs with EcoMaster Glass
Dimensions: 32″W x 48″H
Gorell Windows Prices: $3930
Price included installed.
Location: Memphis, TN
Bid from 2010.

5155 Series
14 Double Hungs (triple pane, argon fills)
Dimensions: 36″W x 52″H
Price: $400 each
Included product and installation.
Location: Northeast
Project bid from 2009.

MDL 5155 Series
15 Windows, 1 Slider Door
Dimensions: N/A
Gorell Windows Prices: $10,333
Installation from local company.
Project completed in 2008.

500 Series Pricing

5054 Series
10 Single Hung Windows
Cost: $475 per window
City: N/A
Included local contractor installation.
Project completed in 2011.

5 DH Thermal Windows
Dimensions: N/A
Costs: $490 each
Pricing included local window contractor installation.
Location: Massachusetts
Project from in 2005.

17 Tilt-in, Low-e, Vinyl Windows
Dimensions: N/A
Pricing: $588 each
Pricing included local contractor installation.
Location: Maryland
Project completed in 2001.

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