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Ellison Window Advice

I am busy adding a room to my property and will be using a contractor to do all the doors, windows and framing. The contractor has advised he uses Ellison, but I cannot find much information online, in fact I haven’t heard of them before. Can anyone offer me any insight into these windows? Advice is appreciated.

Bradley – Consumer – from 2012

[Installer Response]
I have had some experience with Ellison windows, though not much. I found them to be basic vinyl windows that were very box shaped compared to many of the other brands available. I believe they are considered a builder grade window. My suggestion would be to find a known brand that are known for their quality – try Simonton or Milgard windows.

Steve – Installer -from 2012

Excited to Use Ellison Windows

I have experience using Atrium windows, these are the windows we use in all the homes built by us. I have always found the company to be reputable with good customer service, which is so important when you’re in the building trade. ABC Supply have recently informed me that they have a new Ellison window available, which is also manufactured by Atrium, except they are better when it comes to pricing, so I am looking forward to giving them a try as they look similar to the Atriums I am used to using.

Dave – Builder – from 2011

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Ellison Window Prices

Here is a range for a standard sized double hung window including the cost of installation from Atrium.

Entry Range: $300 – $400 installed

Mid Range: $400 – $500 installed

Premium Range: $500 – 600 installed

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Poor Quality – Beware

My experience with Ellison has not been a pleasant one. When building our new home we chose the Ellison Windows as we were told they were manufactured by Atrium. Three windows failed structurally where the aluminum frame actually bowed. I was horrified and contacted their customer services immediately where they advised that it appears to be an issue they are facing across the board. The problem comes in that while they are happy to replace the windows, they don’t cover the labor costs. In desperation I contacted the sales rep I originally dealt with and provided him with photographs and he assured me he would look into it, now he doesn’t even answer my calls. I want to warn everyone about these windows, they are poor quality and they do not stand behind their product. I am so sorry I chose these windows, a definitely learning curve when choosing windows for the future.

Alie – Consumer – from 2011

Not A Fan Of Block & Tackle

I can’t say I like the Ellison Windows. While they claim to be a quality window and their salesmen are armed with great literature, I find their product to be inferior. I have always been a fan of block and tackle and find the Ellison Windows only make adjustments to the constant force to be a block and tackle. I believe they are part of Atrium, though they are not top of my list either, as they are sold at bargain stores – find Atrium window prices here.

Ray – Builder – from 2011