Glass Block Window Prices & Costs

Glass block window prices will vary based on whether you buy the blocks themselves or buy a pre-assembled unit, if you purchase standard blocks or high end blocks that have unique surface finishes or colors, as well as whether the installation is a simple replacement or needs to be custom sized, fitted and mortared in place.

“How much do glass block windows cost? Pricing will be based on whether you buy pre-assembled block units, as well as whether you opt for standard or custom block finishes or colors. Installation is farily cost competitive with home windows.”

Glass Block Window Prices (per block price)

Entry Level Price: $5-$20
High End or Custom Blocks: $40-$60

Buying per block is more expensive than buying pre-assembled units. The more expensive per block price is for specialty glass products that have unique finishes, patterns or colors.

Pre-Assembled Glass Block Window Cost (per block unit)

4 by 4 block unit: $60 – 90
8 by 8block unit: $150 – $200

Standard pre-assembled glass block units (2 x 4) (4 x 4) (6 x 6) will be less expensive than custom assembled units. Obviously the grade of blocks used in the units will also affect price.

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Glass Block Window Cost

Installation Cost Range: $100 to $800

The range is $100 to $800 for window installation cost. The cost is very similar to normal window installation. If you are using pre-assembled units that simply pop into place then you can expect the lower end of the cost scale. If the project is custom sized or uses individual glass blocks, there will be additional contractor costs involved with placing and mortaring the glass block windows.

Past Customer Costs

Project #1
Dimensions: 2 x 3 blocks
Price: $500
This was for custom job, mortared and installed.
Project completed in 2007.

Project #2
Dimensions: 10 blocks by 6 blocks
Price: $1200
This was for custom job with a frame placed inside the mortar for additional reinforcement and installed.
Project completed in 2007.