Great Lakes Windows Reviews 2022

Our Great Lakes windows reviews present user reviews on Great Lakes replacement and new construction windows. These are opinions within the community on what these windows cost, as well as success or frustrations they have felt dealing with this window company and their product lines.

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Great Lakes Windows Reviews

I used to work for Pella so I was leaning towards getting them when it came time to replace my windows. I have a trusted contractor who I am already going with so I am a bit torn because he loves Great Lakes windows (Ply Gem), specifically the Grand View 4000. They seem heavy duty, the NFRC numbers seem very good and they are expensive, so I wanted to get some opinions on whether they were a good window.

Bill – Grand Rapids, MI from 2010

[Contractor Response]

You are comparing apples to oranges in a sense. If we are strictly comparing vinyl window models, then Ply Gem makes a decent option, Pella does not (although the 350 model has some promise). If we are talking about high end expensive wood clad windows, Pella should be in the discussion while Great Lakes shouldn’t since they don’t make a wood clad window.

Rick – Installer – from 2010

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Great Lakes Installer’s Opinion

Back in the 90s I worked as an installer for Great Lakes windows. Here were the positives — strong fused corners, good glass package – low-e, argon fills, high r value. The company was good about replacing defective parts. We sold lots of them, which I always take as a good sign because it usually means the company is not going to disappear overnight. The big downside for me was darker colored vinyl window frames. They tended to warp with big changes in temperature. I’m not sure if the company has addressed this problem — if so, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Don – St. Cloud, MN from 2010

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Great Lakes Prices

Bayshore Series: $350 installed

Lifestyles Series: $450 installed

UniFrame Series: $500 installed

EcoSmart Series: $600 installed

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Great Lakes Windows Reviews | #3

A couple of years back I had Great Lakes replace eight windows in my home. This last spring I found mold in between the glass panes of 3 of the 8 windows. I called Great Lakes and they sent out glass panes, but not a full sash replacement. Now it’s my responsibility (apparently) to pay an installer to swap out glass and moldy sahes into the vinyl frames. I feel like Great Lakes should do the complete sash replacement — it’s not like the windows are 10 years in, it’s only been 3 years. I’m disappointed because I was told that the Ply Gem that they used were a very solid choice that would last 15 to 20 years.

Phil from Decatur, Illinois, 2010

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