Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a unique stlye that have been popular in Europe for decades, but are just now beginning to make a name for themselves in the United States. The tilt and turn offers a nice option visually, as well as functionally. With the tilt in option, the window allows in some air flow, while not being completely open and exposed. They are most often seen on higher end homes and often in a wood clad frame.

There are two basic types of tilt and turn windows; either a casement or a hung window. The casement is more of the European style, while the double hung version is more of the American take on it.

Tilt And Turn Window Basics

There are two basic types of tilt and turn windows; either a casement or a hung window. The casement is more of the European style and typically uses a a single handle for opening and closing. If the handle is down, the window is locked and shut. When the handle is turned halfway, the window can tilt inward several inches. When the handle is turned entirely, the window can be opened just like a casment.

The other option that tends to be the American take on the tilt turn is the use of a single or double hung window. Hung windows open up or down using the sash (single hungs have one lower sash, double hungs have an upper and lower sash). With the single hung, the sash can either be raised or it can be tilted inward. With the double hung, either both sashes or just the lower sash can be tilted inward. One nice option with the hung verison is that there is often quite a bit more tilt in than with the casement version.

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Tilt & Turn Window Costs

Tilt and turn windows will typically run a bit more than a casement or double hung; perhaps $50 to $100 more per window for the added feature and benefits. Casement window prices run $300 to $1050 fully installed for a normal size so a rough cost estimate would be $400 to $1150 fully installed for a tilt turn. However, consumers should keep in mind that many tilt and turn window manufacturers are more high end so most options will be priced out towards the upper end of this price range.

Tilt & Turn Manufacturers

Here are some manufacturers that offer the tilt and turn option. All of the manufacturers offer this tilt in option on wood clad windows, except for the Inline that is a fiberglass window. There are some vinyl window companies that do make the tilt and turn, but they are typically smaller, more niche manufacturers.

Jeld Wen Custom Wood
Inline 300
Andersen 400 Series Double Hung
Marvin Ultimate
Kolbe Heritage
Pella Architect