Vinyl Window Pricing 2022

There are many factors that will affect vinyl window pricing. They include where you live, type of vinyl windows, scope of work and type of installation.

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Where You Live

Retailers and window contractors in Palo Alto Ca. will usually charge more money for the same vinyl windows than in say Baton Rouge, LA. Why? Because their costs are higher also; overhead, insurance, state taxes, general cost of living, etc.

Level And Quality Of Window

There are levels of quality when it comes to vinyl windows. Low end vinyl frames are going to certainly be less expensive but may not last as long and will probably not be as energy efficient. High end vinyl windows will usually have more chambers in the extrusion, have a thicker wall, use a better glass package, better hardware and better overall frame design.

Window Brand Quality
Installation Requirements
How Many Windows?
Zip Code

Type of Vinyl Windows

A high end manufacturer like Pella might charge $450 for their product and $250 for installation. High end windows usually have energy star certification, top-of-the-line krypton gas fills, triple-paned glass, great warranty terms and excellent installation.

Scope Of Work

Does the contractor have to do prep or framing work on the frames or trim? Is there any demo involved? How many windows are involved — prices typically come down per window for larger jobs that involve 10 or more windows.

Quality Of Installation

On average, it will cost you $25 per window in materials to install replacement windows yourself. Like any DIY project, you need to have adequate home improvement skills to pull this off. There are lots of things that can go wrong (size of the openings, size of the windows, rotten trims, etc.) that may make self installation more trouble than it is worth. However, on average you will save $100 per window.