Steel Window Frames

For decades, steel window frames have had their place in the commercial window market. Windows manufactured with steel frames offer a number of advantages that cannot be replicated with other window frame types, most notably their extreme strength and durability. These windows provide a great option for those looking to take advantage of steel framed windows’ unique attributes. Although most often used in commercial building, steel window frames can also be an option for homeowners.

What Do Steel Windows Cost?

Steel framed windows are almost always made-to-order so they are typically more expensive than other frames. Also, most of the time, steel window frames are used to manufacture very large windows, so it is rare to get an inexpensive steel window. They are, however, very durable, so they will last a very long time.

Basics Of Steel Framed Windows

Windows with steel frames are most often used in commercial applications, rather than residential ones, although for homeowners looking to install very large windows or those interested in narrow sightlines with a very contemporary feel, steel framed windows have their place in homes as well. The most common place to find steel window frames is in commercial buildings, offices, educational facilities, museums, hospitals and places of worship. They can be used almost anywhere, however, and can fit into any building design.

Benefits of Steel Window Frames

There are a number of benefits to steel-framed windows. The most notable, and the primary reason for their long-term popularity, is their extreme strength (steel is stronger than all other types of window frame materials). Steel offers an unmatched level of strength and durability, making it the perfect material to use in creating oversized windows in commercial buildings. Steel window frames also offer very narrow sightlines, since less material is required to support the structure of the window due to steel’s strength. This makes it a great option for sleek, contemporary structures. One other benefit to steel window frames is their durability. Simply put, they will last for a long time.

Unique Look

The most notable look of steel framed windows is their very narrow sightlines. This is made possible by steel’s exceptional strength. Since not a lot of material is required to support the panes of glass, the beauty of steel window frames is that they allow the glass to take center stage, while the frame simply fades into the background. This results in a very sleek and contemporary look. When you look at a building that seems like it’s made of all glass, that’s steel window frames doing what they do best – remaining as unobtrusive as possible.


There’s no end to where steel framed windows can be used. They can be used in all types of commercial applications, as well as residential homes. They can be used on the largest windows imaginable, but are also used to manufacturer smaller windows as well. Steel window frames can be customized into any shape and any size. These windows are equally at home in contemporary structures, traditional ones or even those with Gothic architectural attributes. The possibilities for where and how to use steel framed windows are virtually limitless.


Not only are steel window frames strong, but they are extremely durable. That means they will last for a long, long time – typically longer than any other window frame material. Steel windows are still intact after decades and even hundreds of years on buildings. The glass may require replacement due to energy-efficiency reasons or because it breaks, but the steel window frames will still be in good shape a long time down the road.

Energy Efficiency

Steel framed windows offer five times the thermal resistance of aluminum framed windows. The primary factor that determines how energy efficient a window is, however, is the type of glass used, including the number of panes, the thickness of the panes, the distance between panes and any coatings or glazings added to the glass panes. Because steel framed windows offer such a large ratio of glass to framing material, the U-value of the window can be greatly increased by increasing the energy efficient properties of the glass.

Low Maintenance

Steel window frames offer virtually maintenance-free benefits. Most newer steel framed windows are pre-treated with one or more primers or coatings to not only change the way the finished steel looks, but to keep them looking good for years to come. Factory-applied finishes will inhibit corrosion, with no additional maintenance required. Low maintenance finishes include galvanizing, e-coatings, powders, polyurethanes and enamel paint, among others.