Aluminum Windows Prices & Costs

Aluminum windows prices are in the middle to high end cost range for all home windows. They will cost $400 – $1000 per double hung window with standard installation. They are priced near wood clad and fiberglass windows (they are often used on wood windows for the exterior cladding). Pricing will fluctuation based on the manufacturer, size of window, glass package, etc.

Aluminum Windows Prices (Materials Only)

Entry Level Prices: $175 – $300
Entry level pricing will entail lower end glass packages; no uv coating, foam insulation or fills. Often, there will be a limited number of color options and features. Lower end aluminum windows prices are fixed frame or non-movable – as opposed to casement, awning or double hung windows.

Standard Aluminum Window Prices: $300 – $450
Standard pricing will have a better glass package, such as energy efficient options, fills and/or foam insulation. They may offer more color options and features. Homeowners can also Expect more options in the type of windows available to them, including casement, awning or double hung windows.

High End Costs: $450 – $600
High end products should come with a lifetime warranty (that actually warrants the product without too many exclusions) from the manufacturer and have a large array of color options and. The glass package should be hig hend as well; low-e glass, argon/krypton fills, foam insulation, super spacers, etc. Expect many types of windows – casements, bays and bows, double hungs, etc.

Window Brand Quality
Installation Requirements
How Many Windows?
Zip Code

Installation Pricing

Installation will run anywhere $100 to $250 per opening. Expect $50 to 100 for simple replacement inserts. Aluminum windows prices becomes much more expensive if the opening must be increased or reduce as this involves carpentry, framing and finish work. Also, higher end window manufacturers or certified installers will often charge top dollar for installation.

Total Project Pricing

Entry Level Prices: $275 – $500

Mid Range Pricing: $500 – $750

High End Pricing: $750 – $1000

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