Wood Window Prices

Wood window prices range from $400 to $1200 plus fully installed. We will go through window pricing, installation cost and total pricing information, as well as actual homeowner project pricing.

Entry Level Wood Window Prices

Expect entry level wood window pricing to range from $200 to $325. These may be sold through distributors or at home improvement megastores like Home Depot or Lowes. Often the glass package will be a low end double pane, low-e option. Expect limited styles to choose from such as fixed frame, sliders or single hung windows.

— Price Range: $200 to $325 (window only) —

Standard Wood Clad Prices

Standard pricing will range from $325 to $500. These are often sold through a distributor and are offered by a mid grade manufacturer – see our replacement reviews and check out what customers and industry experts have to say. The glass package will include more energy efficient features such as uv coatings, argon or krypton fills and low-e glass. There will be more style options that may include casements, awnings and double hung windows.

— Price Range: $325 to $500 (window only) —

High End Wood Window Prices

High end prices should top out around $900 from top window manufacturers. The glass packages on these windows will have low U and R values, super spacers, foam insulation and uv coatings (perhaps not all of these, but some combination). Consumers can expect lifetime warranties on both the window parts and the installation (if installed by manufacturer), high quality hardware and many window types like casements, awnings, rotating, turn tilt and many others.

— Price Range: $500 to $900 (window only) —

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Installation Pricing

Window installation pricing will range from $50 – $250 each window depending on the complexity of the project and wear and tear to the existing openings and frames.

Inserts: $40 – $100
Standard: $100 – $150
Full Frame: $175 – $250
Complete Tear Out: $250 – $550

Complete Entry Level Pricing

Entry level will run up to $400, which includes windows and installation. This isn’t a huge market because most homeowners who opt for wood usually spring for the mid range prices. Lower end products are available from companies such as Semco and Vinylmax, although it may be possible to get a Marvin Integrity with the real wood interior for just over this $400 mark.

— Price Range: $250 to $400 fully installed —

Complete Mid Range Pricing

Most homeowners will fall into this category (installed prices) and will be looking at mid range wood offerings from Pella ProLine or Architect, Marvin Integrity or Andersen 200 or 400 Series (we recommend the 400 Woodwright series in either the casement or double hung).

— Price Range: $250 to $800 fully installed —

Complete High End Pricing

High end products can run well over this $1200 per window installed price point. Andersen, Marvin, Loewen and Kolbe all make great wood windows (we recommend Marvin Ultimate or the Loewen windows if you can afford them) that can really jump in price based on all of the upgrades you spring for.

— Price Range: $250 to $400 fully installed —

Pricing From Actual Customers

Marvin Casements
Dimensions: 109″W X 56″H (windows mulled together)
Wood Casement Prices: $700 each
Cost was for product only, did not include install.
Location: Bay Area, CA.
Price is from 2011.
More on Marvin prices.

Andersen Cedar Double Hungs
Dimensions: 48″W x 48″H
Pricing: $850 each
Price does not include install.
Location: N/A
Project completed in 2010.
More on Andersen window costs.

Andersen 400 Series Picture Windows
Dimensions: Standard
Pricing: $536 each
Does not include cost of install.
Location: Chicago suburb.
Pricing is from 2010.

Marvin Integrity Double Casement
Dimensions: N/A
Pricing: $600 each
Location: Phoenix, AZ.
Included professional installation from the window company itself.
Purchased in 2009.

Pella Architects Double Hungs
Dimensions: 30″W x 54″H
Pricing: $890 each
Included Pella installation.
Project completed in 2009.
More on Pella windows prices.

Schuco Corona 4000
4 Vinyl DH Wood (double paned, low-E, argon, and grids)
Dimensions 34″W x 53″H (2), 35″W x 77″H (2)
Pricing: $1000 each
Included install.
Location: N/A
Project bid from 2009.
More on Schuco.

Pella Designer Casements
Dimensions: N/A
Price: $1,300 (each)
Included product, installation and all prep work.
Location: South Kansas
Project bid from 2009.


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