Vinyl Windows Prices & Costs

Vinyl windows price can range from $300 to $750, which includes both the cost of the window itself and installation. Pricing will depend on the manufacturer you choose, type of frame, glass package and features, size and the level of difficulty involved with the installation. We have a range of costs for the vinyl windows themselves, as well as installation cost and total pricing. The bottom section details vinyl windows price comparison from past customers.

“How much do vinyl windows cost? The range is $300 to $700, which includes some form of installation.”

Entry Level Vinyl Windows Prices

Expect entry level to range from $125 to $250. These are often available at the big home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Usually they will have the base glass set ups; double paned, perhaps with low-e glass. They will probably by either a fixed frame, horizontal gliding or single hung windows.

— Price Range: $165 to $300 fully installed —

Mid Range Vinyl Windows Prices

Standard cost will range from $250 to $350. They will usually be sold from a mid range manufacturer, which there are a handful of good quality companies – see our replacement windows reviews page for more details. The glass package will be mid range and may include several of the following energy efficient features; good U and R values, argon or krypton fills, low-e glass and uv coatings. These windows may be available in different styles, including awning, casements or double hungs.

— Price Range: $300 to $500 fully installed —

High End Vinyl Windows Prices

A high end price is around $500 and will probably be offered by a top window manufacturer. The glass package will include good energy efficient features such as – low R and U values, a krypton fill, super spacers and even foam insulation. Consumers can expect high quality hardware and a bigger selection of window types like casement windows or as part of a bay, bow or palladian set up.

— Price Range: $500 to $750 fully installed —

Install Vinyl Windows Price

Window installation cost will run $50 – $250 per window. The following vinyl windows cost are per opening.

Inserts: $40 – $100

Standard Install: $100 – $1750

New Construction: $200 – $400

Project Costs From Actual Customers

The following are vinyl windows prices paid by consumers. Use this as a general cost guide only. Also, note that this was the price that the customer paid, not the initial price quoted to them by the company or contractor. The initial price quoted is typically a lot higher — that’s why you need to get multiple quotes and be ready to negotiate.

Harvey Classic Double Hung Replacements
Dimensions: 24″W X 48″H
Pricing: $419 each
Included install from local company.
Location: Massachusetts
Project completed in 2011.
Price Of Harvey Classic Model

Alside Centurion Vinyl Windows
Dimensions: 24″W X 48″H
Cost: $229 each
Included installation from local company.
Location: Massachusetts
Project completed in 2011.
Alside Windows Cost

Alside Geneva Welded Sash Vinyl Windows
Dimensions: 24″W X 48″H
Pricing: $259 each
Cost includes installation from local company.
Location: Massachusetts
Project completed in 2011.

United, Double-hung, Argon Fills
Dimensions: N/A
Pricing: $260 each
Do-it-yourself install.
Project installed in 2010.

Alside Unta Max
Double-Hung Vinyls
Costs: $375 each
Included professional install with a contractor.
Project completed in 2010.

Milgard, Tuscany, 3D Max
Dimensions: (14) 48W x 48H (6) 36W x 36H
Pricing: $440 each
Included professional installation from the company itself.
Project completed in 2009.
Milgard Window Pricing

Clear Choice Double Hung, Signature Series
Dimensions: 36″W x 48″H
Pricing: $350 each
Included professional install from company.
Project completed in 2009.

American Craftsman
Dimensions: 36″W x 36″H
Cost: $400 each
Included locally hired installers.
Project installed in 2009.
Cost Of American Craftsman

Harvey Double Hungs
Dimensions: 28″W X 38″H
Cost: $350 each
Location: N/A
Installed by local contractor.
Project completed in 2008.
Harvey Pricing

Anlin, 8 DHs, 2 Standard sized Pictures, 1 French Door
Dimensions: Varied
Cost: $11,800
Included cost of install from local contractor
Location: N/A
Project installed in 2008.
Anlin Windows Prices

Wallside, Double-hungs
Dimensions: 36″W x 36″H
Pricing: $305 each
Included professional install.
Project completed in 2008.

Champion, Double Hung, Energy Star
Dimensions: 48″W x 48″H
Cost: $480 each
Included professional install by Champion. Cost also included replacing some rotten trims on frames.
Project completed in 2008.
Champion Costs

ProGuard, Double Hung, Low e-Glass
Dimensions: Varied because of so many types and sizes.
Prices: $472 each
Included professional install of 2 picture, 2 storm/thermal frames and replacing rotten trims.
Project installed in 2008.

Alside, Excalibur, Double-hungs
Dimensions: N/A
Prices: $270 each
Included install from a local company.
Project installed in 2008.

Window World, Double-hung, Low e-Glass
Dimensions: 36″W x 48″H
Pricing: $400 each
Included professional manufacturer installers.
Project completed in 2007.
Window World Costs

Amerimax, 22 Single Hung Windows
Cost: $650 each
Included install by local contractor/company.
Location: Millbrae, CA.
Project completed in 2004.
Amerimax Pricing