Replacement Window Glass

Finding quality replacement window glass is important to maintaining structurally sound windows that keep the winter cold out, the energy bills low and the everyday noises to a minimum. We will go through the options, benefits, costs and options available.

“Replacement window glass is a job best left to a professional contractor due to the intricate nature of the work and the potential hazards involved. In addition, jobs that aren’t done with precision and accuracy can leave a drafty window that costs more than its worth.”

Clear Glass

Clear glass has no coating on the outside of the pane. This is what older windows were made out of and it does very little to block out the UV rays. The result is that much more heat passes through the windows during the day. The result is a less energy efficient window than the more modern low-e glass options that are currently available.

Low-E Glass

Many double pane windows come standard with a simple low-e glass, although some of the lower end vinyl manufacturers still use a clear glass as their baseline offering. Low-e is a coat that is applied to the surface of the glass pane that is constructed from tiny metallic particles. Low-e glass is not a tint, instead it is this coating that can be altered slightly for different effects. In addition, window companies will often use multiple layers and will change the order of the layers to achieve different results with their low-e coatings.

Glass Window Costs

It’s difficult to price out glass by itself because it is part of the entire window. We can, however, provide industry standard pricing – $25 to $75 per window – for upgrading to a low-e glass from a clear glass.

— Low-E Glass Upgrade: $25 to $75 per window —

Warmer (Or Cooler) Home

Properly functioning windows keep a home warmer in the winter by keeping the cold out and the heat in. The opposite is true in summer when homeowners want to keep the heat from the sun out and keep the nice cold air conditioned temperature inside. Windows with good glass packages (double paned, low-e glass, argon or krypton fills) will go a long way to accomplishing this.

Better Energy Efficiency

The primary reason that most people choose to replace just the glass of their windows is due to damaged or broken pane on a single window. If just one window in your house is damaged, replacing the glass can have it looking and functioning like new. If, however, you are interested in more energy efficient windows for your whole house, you are better off considering replacement windows.

Keep The Outside Noises Out

For homeowners who live near a busy street, airport etc. noise reduction can be an important factor when it comes to replacement window glass. STC or Sound Transmission Class measures how much sound a window blocks out. STC is affected by the amount of dead space between window panes (the more space, the better), the quality of air seals and the thickness of the window glass. The higher the STC, the better the window is at keeping out outside noises. You will pay for higher STC rated windows, but for many homeowners, it is worth it.