PVC Windows Prices & Costs

PVC windows prices are in the middle cost range of home windows, less than aluminum and wood. The price fluctuations are based on the window size, type of glass, manufacturer, etc. Discover more about PVC windows and how these durable frames are providing homeowners with a great frame alternative.

PVC Windows Prices (Window Cost Only)

Entry Level: $150 – $250
Basic pricing will probably use a basic glass package and be limited to select options and colors. These no frills options still look nice and the material is much stronger than vinyl so it holds up well over time. Basic windows will be a fixed frame, single hung or double hung.

Standard: $250 – $350
Standard pricing will use mid range glass options such as argon fills and low-e glass. Expect more options such as colors and perhaps a wider array of window types like an awning or casement window.

High End: $350 – $450
High end PVC frames will probably include a lifetime Manufacturer’s window warranty and come in a larger range of features and colors. Expect high end double or triple paned glass with features like low-e, krypton fills, super spacers, foam insulation, etc. At this level, you can expect all types of windows and even bay, bow and garden windows.

PVC Window Costs

PVC window installation cost will run $50 to $250 per window. On the low end is a local contractor who simply needs to insert the new windows into the existing opening. On the mid to high end is for any framing, carpentry and finish work that needs to be done if the existing opening needs to be widened or altered in any significant way. Certified installers from high end manufacturers will often also charge high install prices.

Total PVC Windows Costs

Entry Level Project

Price Range: $200 – $350 installed


Standard PVC Project

Price Range: $350 – $550 installed


High End Project

Price Range: $550 – $700 installed