Fiberglass Windows Prices & Costs

Fiberglass windows prices range anywhere from $350 to $850 for the window and installation. Pricing will depend on the manufacturer, type of window and frame, glass package and features, size of window and the level of difficulty involved with the installation. We have a range of general costs for the windows themselves, installation costs and the total price you can expect for entry, mid range and premium products.

“Fiberglass windows are durable, attractive and have very solid performance numbers. Most homeowners should expect to pay somewhere between $450 an $700 for a double hung window with straight forward installation.”

Fiberglass Windows Prices (Windows Only)

Entry Level: $200 to $300
Expect entry level prices to start at $200 up to roughly $300. This grade of product might be purchased at big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot or through lower end manufacturers. Most lower end products offer a thinner extrusion, double pane glass with a lower level Low-e glass package. They might be a fixed frame or a simple window type such as a single hung or horizontal slider.

Standard: $300 to $400
Standard pricing set ups will often include a glass package with better energy efficiency features and might include some of the following; lower R-value and U-factor, low-e glass and argon or krypton fills. The window might be a casement, awning or double hung.

High End: $400 to $600
High end fiberglass windows top out at around $600 and are often sold by top window manufacturers. Consumers can expect the low-e glass package to be high end as well, excellent U-factor and SHGC numbers, and nice upgrades like meeting rail reinforcements, non metallic spacers, metal hardware, etc. Expect top-of-the-line styles like casement windows – sold by companies like Serious or Marvin.

Fiberglass Windows Prices

Installation Costs: $50 to $250

The money you spend on installation will range from $50 to $250 per opening or window. Pocket or insert installation that can fit into the existing frame will run $50 to $100 per window. If, however, the install is more complicated and involves full frame installation, the price tag can run $150 to $250 per opening.

Total Fiberglass Window Prices

Total Pricing For Entry Level: $350 to $450
This includes windows and install. Examples include the Pella Impervia.

Total Pricing For Mid Range Level: $450 to $650
This includes product & contractor installation. Examples include the Marvin Integrity and the Milgard Ultra.

Total Pricing For High End Level: $650 to $850
This includes both product and professional installation.Examples include the Marvin Infinity.

Fiberglass Windows Prices From Actual Customers

Below are examples of what past customers paid for their fiberglass windows.

Milgard Ultra Series
Arch Top Double Hungs, Triple Woodclad
Dimensions: 60″H x 48″W
Pricing: $1,290 each
Includes installation.
Location: N/A
Pricing from 2010.

Milgard Ultra Series
12 Double Hungs
Dimensions: 24″W x 36″H
Cost: $705 each
Includes installation.
Location: N/A
Pricing from 2010.

Marvin Infinity Series
Dimensions: Medium Sized
Pricing: $650 each
Included windows, tax and installation.
Location: New England
Purchased in 2009.

Gilkey Fiberglass Series
8 Casements
Dimensions: 24″W x 48″H
Cost: $545 each (did not include grids)
Installation by Gilkey.
Purchased in 2008.

Marvin Infinity Series
12 Casements
Dimensions: 24″W x 48″H
Costs: $545 each
Installation by company installers.
Location: N/A
Purchased in 2008.

Marvin Infinity Series
18 Double Hungs
Dimensions: N/A
Pricing: $750 each
Included product, tax and installation.
Location: N/A
Purchased in 2007.

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